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No Office Required

TMBA323: No Office Required
Date: 2016-02-11
Link: Tropical MBA
Tropical MBAIt is different to start remote and grow remote.
It is about figuring out how to communicate with people in remote locations and do it as effectively as you would in person.
A distributed team means that someone can perfectly integrate work/life balance in a way that works for you.
A lot of times your best ideas aren’t your initial reaction.
An office isn’t absolutely necessary to run a business. For some people it is a better way to run a business and for some people it is a non-issue.
People that are really good at written communication do really well (working remotely).
Zoom.us for videoconferencing.
In a remote team every meeting has an agenda, action items, and next steps.

How Much Should I Be Meeting With My Team?

TMBA316: How Much Should I Be Meeting With My Team?
Date: 2015-12-24
Link: Tropical MBA
Tropical MBAWhen having meetings and dealing with people it is important to remember that they are people and that they have emotions and fears and desires. Talk to them like they are humans.
Never blow off meetings.
If you blow off meetings it means you shouldn’t be having those meetings.
Don’t have meetings that aren’t necessary.
One-on-one is the most efficient type of meeting.
(As the owner) when you leave the group meetings it becomes everybody else’s responsibility to move things forward.
There always has to be a leader in the meeting.
Slack can work as a watercooler but is not a substitute for meetings.

What to do when your partner quits, defining success and charging more for a self-hosted app

Episode 223 | What to do when your partner quits, defining success and charging more for a self-hosted app
Date: 2015-02-15
Link: Startups for the Rest of Us
Startups for the Rest of UsBook: Innovators by Walter Isaacson
Book: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
Make sure your partners put in the same amount of time.
Success is being able to make decisions with your time in a way that makes you happy.
A person cannot be happy without relationships.
Success should be measured internally.

Company Culture and Building a Team, Part II

Lecture 11: Company Culture and Building a Team, Part II

Link: How to Start a Startup

(You can find notes to the other lectures here.) 

Patrick Collison (@patrickc)

John Collison (@collision)

Ben Silbermann (@8en)

How to Start a StartupRun a company based on what you celebrate. (Ben Silbermann)
The amount of things you can personally be involved in diminishes exponentially. (Patrick Collison)
When you’re hiring the first ten people you’re actually hiring the first one hundred people because the first ten will bring ten along with them. (Patrick Collison)
Culture isn’t like architecture. It is a lot more like gardening. (Ben Silbermann)
Really great people who are good at many disciplines and extraordinary at one tend to build really great products. (Ben Silbermann)
No batch of ten people will has as much influence on the company as the first ten people. (John Collison)
Hiring is a bit like being a value investor. You’re looking for undervalued human capital. (Patrick Collison)
There is no wrong place to find people. (Ben Silbermann)
Really great people want to do stuff that is hard. They want to solve big problems. (Ben Silbermann)
When recruiting be transparent about why you think it is a great opportunity. (Ben Silbermann)
Work with people as much as you can prior to hiring them. (Patrick Collison)
Quickly give people feedback in particular feedback on how to adapt to the culture. (John Collison)
The more feedback you give them the better they’ll do. (John Collison)
Your company either fails very quickly or all of your problems become about managing growth. (Patrick Collison)
People don’t come out of the womb being good at leadership. (John Collison)
Give as many people a shot as possible. (Ben Silbermann)
The farther along your company is the larger your expectations get. (Ben Silbermann)
If (success) were guaranteed it would be boring. (Patrick Collison)
At the early stage finding people who are passionate about your product can be a great way to find people. (John Collison)

Company Culture and Building a Team, Part I

Lecture 10: Company Culture and Building a Team, Part I

Link: How to Start a Startup

(You can find notes to the other lectures here.) 

How to Start a StartupAlfred Lin (@Alfred_Lin)

If you don’t have a good culture in the company you can’t pursue your destiny.
Why does it matter?

  • First Principles
  • Alignment
  • Stability
  • Trust
  • Exclusion
  • Retention

If you have good strong culture, and good strong core values, you’ll know who want to retain and who you don’t want to retain.
As the leader ask what values are most important to you.
Company first. Then your department. Then your team. Then yourself.
A lot of teams break down because they don’t have any trust.
If you don’t have conflict and debate then it is the blind leading the blind.
You can have the smartest engineering in the world but if they don’t believe in the mission they aren’t going to pour their heart and soul into it.
Culture needs to be a daily habit.

Brian Chesky (@bchesky)

You want your culture to be awesome.
If you can’t build a great company then your product will not endure.
Culture needs to be designed.
Integrity and honesty are values that everybody should have.
You should have five or six core values that are unique to you.
Write your core values down before you hire anyone.
You want people to be there for the one thing that will never change–your mission.
No one ever tells you that you need great culture.
Things that are hard to measure often get discounted.
The biggest problem with culture is that it doesn’t pay off in the short term.
Missionaries will outlast mercenaries.
Culture and brand are two sides of the same coin.
Culture are the things inside of the company that you want people to be aligned with long term.
Brand is the promise outside the company that everybody identifies with.
If you have a strong culture then the brand will come through.
No matter how successful you are in life travelling will make you feel not special (waiting in line at the TSA, etc.).
If you have the right vision, right strategy, and the right people then you have a good company.
It is better to have a hundred people love you than a million people who just like you.

The Value of True Partnerships

Title: The Value of True Partnerships
Date: 2011-05-18
Speaker: Wences Casares, Meyer Malka (Bling Nation)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
You see strong partnerships at the core of successes.
You’ll find a lot more success when founders find and choose each other in a meritocratic way.
Trust becomes an important aspect of success.You need to have strong conviction.
When you’re building a partnership you need to talk every day.
Over-communicate with your partner.
You need to act as one.
Trust becomes an important aspect of success.
The best way to market to students is by students.