The Realities of Running a Business in 2017

TMBA396: The Realities of Running a Business in 2017
Date: 2017-07-06
Link: Tropical MBA
Tropical MBAIf you want to change your life–if you want to go from cubicle to wealthy–you need to seek out horizons and industries and places in the world that have a dynamic quality and are changing.
Take your skillsets you developed professionally and focus them on areas of growth.
It can still take a long time to make your business a reality.
It takes a long time to build anything that is sustainable.
The people that are going to win at the end of the day are the people that are going to keep coming back and doing the hard things.
It is harder than ever to hire A players.
If you don’t know about a functional area of your business it is easy for somebody to come in and BS you.
A superpower is something you get energy from or don’t get tired from.
Stick to your superpower and hire around yourself.
Find the thing you want to do–that gives you energy in life–and find a way to do it for other people.
Whatever you are doing for free you love and is likely one of your superpowers.
Don’t pigeonhole your superpower.
You need to have an interview process that digs into the past results of (the person you are interviewing). People talk a big game but you need answer, “Was this person responsible for big results in the past?”
There is a difference between being a founder and being an owner in a business.
Business is still in in-person relationships.