How to Get Better at Sales

TMBA390: How to Get Better at Sales
Date: 2017-05-25
Link: Tropical MBA
Tropical MBASelling starts by communicating with people.
A lot of times if you are having a hard time selling something it is because the product is confusing and needs to be simplified.
The first question(s) when selling is what am I selling and how is it going to help people?
What you focus on the most becomes real to you.
Stop hanging out with Internet marketers.
The only way to do your value proposition is to think about what your client is going to get by delivering to their customer.
Increase your price 20% every time you make a pitch.
Make one appointment per day with your prospective market.
Make a direct offer to your market for your service that is relevant, provides a specific service with a benefit, that is time-sensitive, and has a level of scarcity.
Question 1: What do you want?
Question 2: Why is it important?
Question 3: What is stopping you?
Question 4: Here are a couple of things that might help. Which of these things do you think are a great idea?
Question 5: What is it worth to you?
Question 6: If I can show you an investment (or fee) that will make that pay for itself is it okay if I can show you how we can work together to put that into place?
Make an invoice go to the client that they need to pay to get started.
The two most common objections are, “I need to think about it” and “I don’t have the money.”
“I need to think about it” is a clarity issue.
Money should not be an obstacle. If people are committed to an idea enough they will find the money.
You are going to need to ask people on average seven times to make the purchasing decision.