Email Marketing Demystified with Matthew Paulson

Episode 251 | Email Marketing Demystified with Matthew Paulson
Date: 2015-08-25
Link: Startups for the Rest for Us
Startups for the Rest of UsMany people don’t realize the ROI on email marketing.
We think our customers are just like us. It turns out we are not our customers. You cannot assume your customers are just like you are. Our customers might behave a different way with email.
If somebody signs up for your email list that means they want to receive emails from you so you should probably send them some emails.
A good email now is better than a great email never.
Every day you are not sending out an email is a day you are losing a sale.
The format of the lead magnet matters less than the content in the magnet.
Try to get people to whitelist you or add you to their contact list.
Try to sell one of your products on your thank you page.