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Nailing the Hard Things

Title: Nailing the Hard Things
Date: 2014-11-19
Speaker: Ben Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
If you can't build a great product it doesn't matter if you can build a great company.People skills tend to be highly underestimated.
If you try to build a company with zero management skill and no network–that is hard.
In peacetime you’re much more focused on the development of the people and the development of the organization over the long term.
If you’re running out of cash you have got to get to a very accurate decision extremely quickly.
Sometimes at wartime you do things that undermine the organization.
Book: Only the Paranoid Survive
In the real business world most of it ends up being wartime.
Startups get really hard when the product gets into market.
If you can’t build a great product it doesn’t matter if you can build a great company.
Management is a learned skill. Nobody was born a great manager.
As a manager you have to evaluate people’s performance. You have to correct them. You have to make sure they are on task.
It is easier to teach the innovator how to be a CEO than to teach a CEO how to be an innovator.
It is just as much work and just as traumatic to build a company that is trivial and nobody cares about as it is to build a significant and important thing so you might as well try to do something important.
A big thing in venture capital is size.
The whole point of an executive is to get (the company) leverage.
With Bitcoin it is the first time there is a ledger that everybody could use and nobody owns.
Silicon Valley is still by far the easiest place to build a really important technology company.