Getting More Out of Conferences – “Breakfast is a Big Deal”

TMBA268: Getting More Out of Conferences – “Breakfast is a Big Deal”
Date: 2014-10-30
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
(For presentations) focus on lesson learned not on the tactics.
There are four levels for every talk:

  1. The narrative foundation
  2. The tactic or specific action
  3. This is what I think I learned from that
  4. The theoretical framework that I think is exposed

The point is getting in the room with the right people.
Generally speaking keynotes do not contain actionable items.
It is tough to be both a practitioner and a preacher at the same time.
Build the products you want.
Often the most valuable thing is having breakfast with somebody.
With breakout sessions you get to identify other people who are interested in what you are interested in.
If you go to a conference that is at a hotel stay at the hotel. That is where you run into everybody and have breakfast with people.
Do everything you can to get on stage.