How To Market Software With Rob Walling

FA128 – How To Market Software With Rob Walling
Date: 2013-01-23
Link: The Foolish Adventure
Mobile apps are less predictable.
Downloadable software is going away in favor of mobile and web-based software.
The WordPress store (for plugins) is a nice valuable source of traffic.
Use testimonials. Use mentions in the press.
Find flywheels of traffic that don’t depend on you.
Early on it is awesome to do the things that don’t scale such as going on podcasts and doing guest posts.
There is a big difference between selling software and selling information: support costs.
Selling software B2C is not a good market. Consumers tend to buy based on price. Businesses buy based on value.
Doing the research to create an infographic is incredibly time consuming.
It is very valuable to know how much you can pay for a trial.
Do measurable marketing with everything.
It shouldn’t take more than a year to cover the cost of a trial.
You want to be certain that someone wants your service before you get them to sign up.
Partnerships don’t scale.
Start small and get an early win.