10 Ways to Cut a Crappy Deal

TMBA 239: 10 Ways to Cut a Crappy Deal
Date: 2014-04-10
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
Equity in a small-business owner’s hands can be a very dangerous thing.
Don’t give up cash in the near term for equity (as an employee).
Having a minority stake in a small business is almost always a bad idea.
When you cut a deal in the beginning you have to have the foresight on how that is going to play out in the end.
Equity is only activated by power.
Your ownership stake is only worth what you can get for it.
You control the asset you control the destiny.
Partnering most times is inherently a sign of weakness.
Don’t pay for something in equity that you can pay for in cash.
Handshake deals are no good.
Don’t spread yourself too thin.
Focus on the main event.