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Secrets at Apple's Core

Title: Secrets at Apple’s Core
Date: 2012-05-23
Speaker: Adam Lashinsky (Author)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Saying no is more important than saying yes.Getting rid of products–simplifying–is perhaps the core of what Apple is about.
Secrecy is incredibly important at Apple.
If you know something that is better is coming soon you’re going to be very unlikely to buy what is on the store shelves (and, more importantly for a business perspective, the warehouse shelves).
Apple keeps secrets from itself.
Design is preeminent.
Saying no is more important than saying yes.
Apple says no until it is ready to say yes.
DRI stands for Directly Responsible Individual.
When you have a good (marketing) line you repeat it over and over again. Somebody might be hearing it for the first time.
Edit down things that are extraneous.
Celebrities have a lot to say about a company’s image.
Apple is a culture of work not a culture of play.

A Playlist for Entrepreneurs

Title: A Playlist for Entrepreneurs
Date: 2012-05-16
Speaker: Daniel Elk, Chi-Hua Chien (Spotify)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
An entrepreneur is someone who has an itch for a problem and is annoyed enough by the problem that they go out and seek a solution for it. (Daniel Elk)
The right person will figure out how to sell umbrellas in the Sahara. (Daniel Elk)
Think solution oriented.It is all about execution. (Daniel Elk)
The vast majority of people in the world do not spend any money on music. (Daniel Elk)
Complicated industries tend to change slowly. (Chi-Hua Chien)
Keep going until you succeed if you’re convinced about something. (Daniel Elk)
Have a lot of patience. (Daniel Elk)
Choose an area where you think you can truly matter. (Daniel Elk)
Think solution oriented. (Daniel Elk)
Look at an interface and ask the question, “Why is it there?” (Daniel Elk)
Proximity…matters a lot. (Daniel Elk)
The physical presence cannot be replaced yet. (Daniel Elk)
What distinguishes A-players from B-players is you want to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. (Daniel Elk)
Don’t assume that because somebody is experienced that they have the right experience for that task. (Daniel Elk)
As an entrepreneur you’ve got to focus on the few things that matter. (Daniel Elk)
In a small company every person needs to carry their weight and more. (Daniel Elk)
Innovation is taking two things that are already known and putting them together to create something new. (Daniel Elk)
Solving one thing and solving it really, really well is super important. (Daniel Elk)
If you’re trying to be everything to everyone you will fail. (Daniel Elk)
Sometimes the easiest answer is also the right answer. (Daniel Elk)
Every platform that takes off always gets gamed. (Daniel Elk)

A Story of Change and Opportunity

Title: A Story of Change and Opportunity
Date: 2012-05-09
Speaker: Brian Murray, Tina Seelig (HarperCollins)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Any time there is a lot of change there is a lot of opportunity.Change can lead to opportunities and anxiety.
Good books will sell for decades.
The digital world that is developing around us creates a lot of new opportunities.
Small teams is where the best creative work takes place.
Any time there is a lot of change there is a lot of opportunity.
Sharing the failures is in some way more important than sharing the successes because you don’t want to repeat things that don’t work.
Any company is one big, complex problem.
The more senior you get in an organization the less it is actually you doing the work so it becomes about asking the right questions.

Small Acts and Big Impacts

Title: Small Acts and Big Impacts
Date: 2012-05-02
Speaker: Rebeca Hwang, Elizabeth Samara-Rubio (YouNoodle, StorWatts)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Small acts can have a big impact no matter how many resources we have. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
Find a way to be a part of someone's best efforts to achieve their goals.Any technology at the end of the day has to impact people. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
You can’t just take best intentions and great technology into these (emerging) markets without having done a bit of homework in the field. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
A couple of ideas reproduce like rabbits. (Rebeca Hwang)
(To make good decisions) you first have to know what you want. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
As long as you’re clear with what you want give yourself some options and go with it. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
Always try to make decisions that are going to improve your future but not at the expense of the present. (Rebeca Hwang)
Know who you want to impact. The business will take care of itself. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
Part of success is failure. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
Technology has the potential to truly disrupt in a very short time period. (Rebeca Hwang)
Find a way to be a part of someone’s best efforts to achieve their goals. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
Have a road map. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)

Producing a Career from the Ground Up

Title: Producing a Career from the Ground Up
Date: 2012-04-18
Speaker: Gale Anne Hurd (Valhalla Entertainment)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
If you’re going to go in for a job interview make sure you’ve thought of everything.
When opportunity knocks on the door you close your eyes, you take a deep breath, and you say yes.
You are now at a better time than ever to succeed.You will either sink or swim.
Be careful what you wish for.
You learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.
It is important to remember it is all a learning experience.
Choose to become indispensable.
Do what you love, not what is easy.
Challenge expectations including your own.
Stay hungry.
When there are no role models become one.
It is not just what you know that is important, it is who you know.
Be prepared when opportunity knocks.
Ask for help.
Learn to spot talent and support them through thick and thin.
Tell the truth even if it makes your path harder.
Never give up.
Always give back.
Don’t make a play until you have the right skills, mentors, and partners.
Not all partnerships work out.
Take a vacation.
Reinvent yourself if need be.
Don’t give into doubt.
The (film) industry now has more opportunity that it has ever had.
You are now at a better time than ever to succeed.
If you’re not given more responsibility fairly quickly it is probably time to move on.
Necessity is the mother of invention.
You can’t have products that are given away for free.
You can’t continue to do what you do if people aren’t willing to pay for it.

The Wave of Social Entrepreneurship

Title: The Wave of Social Entrepreneurship
Date: 2012-04-11
Speaker: Jeff Church (Nika Water)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
You better out-prepare everything.
The secret to a successful forty-hour workweek is to work eighty.
The value of networking is so important particularly at a younger age.
Begin with the end in mind.Push yourself out of your comfort zone.
You only have your good name in life to leave as your legacy.
You want to share the upside with people but be really careful with the dilution.
Really understand your partners.
When you’re buying a business or building a business integrity is so important.
Break bread with your prospective partner (and their spouse).
A lot of time the NGOs aren’t the best business people in the world.
The more education we get the more we learn all of the reasons businesses fail. Use those to make sure your business doesn’t fail.
Young people today want to be part of something bigger than themselves and they also want to make a buck. You can do both. You don’t have to wait thirty years to do it.
The Internet makes all of us be academic researchers from our laptops.
There is no reason for any of us to not be experts before we put a business plan together.
As the baby boomers are retiring a lot of them are giving back a significant portion of their net worth.
Half of the hospital beds in the developing world are occupied by people with water-borne diseases.
Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for. It is a thing to be achieved.
Begin with the end in mind.
Book: The Seven Habits
Think about where you want to get to and work backwards to where you are now.
Be transparent with your donations.
Put your best foot forward.
Find like-minded people.
You want to find people that want to run through walls for you.
You want to make people feel like it is everyone’s business.
The product has to have a good value proposition.
Outsource as much as you can. Keep your costs variable.
If you’re doing it all yourself it is really not scalable.
Learn on someone else’s nickel.
Find a partner or mentor that balances you.
The rule of twos: everything takes twice as long and costs twice as much money.
The last thing you want to do is run out of money when success is right around the corner.
V.C.s are going to be very apprehensive about political risks.
Most people quit too early (as a generalization).

How to Focus on What is Important in Your Online Business

FA015: How to Focus on What is Important in Your Online Business
Date: 2010-09-23
Link: The Foolish Adventure
Focus on the things that actually turn into results.
The most important thing is to get your customer.
The only thing you need to be in business is a customer.
Find your passions and the things you like and then go look for the market. Because if you like them there probably are other people that like them also.
Commercial intent.
The traffic you want is people who want to purchase something.
Team up with mentors.
Twitter is a great place to communicate with your tribe quickly.
You need to build a community within your niche.
You ask your community what they want but it still has to fit with what you want for your life.
If you’re doing things right you’re going to upset people because you can’t make everybody happy.
The existence of a tribe depends on the other people in the tribe.
You need to stand for something. When you stand for something you will alienate some people.
A big part of being successful is picking a direction and going that way.
Don’t add to the learning curve.
You have to make something really awesome.
Focus on the thing that is going to get you to the making of the money.

Two Generations of Entrepreneurship

Title: Two Generations of Entrepreneurship
Date: 2012-03-07
Speaker: Sandra Kurtzig, Andy Kurtzig (Kenandy, JustAnswer)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
The flinch method of pricing. (Sandra Kurtzig)
It is important as an early entrepreneur to think about how you name your product. (Sandra Kurtzig)
It is really important that you are passionate about making a difference in the world.Believe in yourself. (Sandra Kurtzig)
Be willing to work long, hard hours. (Sandra Kurtzig)
Be passionate about what you’re doing. (Sandra Kurtzig)
Try to get ahead of the market if you possibly can. (Sandra Kurtzig)
Manufacturing companies today are very horizontally structured. They want to be close to their customers. (Sandra Kurtzig)
The companies that are going to be succeeding in today’s and tomorrow’s market are the ones that can respond very quickly to the customer needs and can respond very quickly to the needs of the supplier. (Sandra Kurtzig)
You finish something you start. (Sandra Kurtzig)
It is not just when you are deciding when a business idea is something good to begin with that you should see if customers actually want it. You should actually do that every day forever for the life of your company. (Andy Kurtzig)
It is really important that you are passionate about making a difference in the world. (Andy Kurtzig)
It is really important to have values so you know what kind of people you want to have at your company. (Andy Kurtzig)

Energies that Power a Career

Title: Energies that Power a Career
Date: 2012-02-29
Speaker: Kristina Johnson, Tina Seelig (Enduring Energy)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
The most important thing for starting out…is to get to know people.
People want to know you care before they care what you know.
Stay close to people you know (in college) because you never know what they’ll do.
Trust your heart and trust your gut.Be flexible and adaptable.
Be very cross-disciplinary,
If you think you’re onto something good stay with it.
Nobody is ever going to be more passionate about your idea than you.
There are many valleys of deaths.
Put in place the steps so you can step up and step up.
Trust your heart and trust your gut.
Book: The Four Agreements
Engineering is really important.
Big problems require cross-disciplinary solutions.
Look around an organization and be open-minded and flexible enough to take advantage of the experts.
Sometimes you carry the water. Sometimes you need to be the star. It is important to do both those roles very well.
There is a tremendous amount of capital to be brought in from the sidelines.
Change is tough but it is very rewarding.
Expand your network.
Show by example.
Be disciplined.

How RivalFox Launched to $2k in Recurring Revenue

Episode 177: How RivalFox Launched to $2k in Recurring Revenue
Date: 2014-03-25
Link: Smart Passive Income
Set up a landing page.
Have prominent calls to action.
Have a screen for newsletter signups.
Often there is something you can give away on your landing page that is of more value than cranking out a series of blog posts.
Consider guest blogging.
Quora, Linkedin, and Twitter for B2B.
Do a private beta.
The best feedback is going to come from people that are willing to pay for (the product).
Blog as soon as possible.
Connect to industry leaders for opinions.
Experiment in a controlled way.
Concentrate on inbound leads.
Make the first customers 100% happy.
Offer an incentive an incentive to pay before their trial is up.
You have to build a product that people are actually interested in.