Entrepreneurship Gives Life Meaning

Title: Entrepreneurship Gives Life Meaning
Date: 2011-10-05
Speaker: David Friedberg (The Climate Corporation)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
It is important to be organized.
70% of businesses are affected by the weather every year.
When you are presented with opportunities where you feel you can make a really big impact it is worth doing it in light of the comfort of not doing it.
You can never hold a grudge in Silicon Valley.
Doing a startup is a way of organizing an activity or group of people around a problem they are trying to solve.
Innovation is the only way out.Just being an entrepreneur does not make one a rock star.
The opportunity cost of doing a startup is very high.
Do not do a startup for the financial reward.
There are challenges with doing things in a big company and they all need to be taken into consideration.
In forty years none of your failures are going to matter.
What is going to matter is the big things you achieve in life.
It is the grind that is going to end up making the difference.
Innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage any company can have.
Innovation for scale requires perpetual change.
When you take risks odds are you’re going to fail.
Solve the problem that you’re setting out to solve and be smart about how you’re solving it.
You should be innovating to come up with a new business model mode.
A lot of people are doing a lot of similar things in Silicon Valley these days.
Innovation is the only way out.
If you’re thinking about doing something entrepreneurial think about solving a really big problem. It is going to be great not just for you. It is going to be great for everyone.
There are plenty of places for you to innovate.
Agriculture is a huge opportunity.
It should be natural human behavior to solve big problems.