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A Roadmap (with Case Study) For Replacing Your Salary in Less Than 6 Months

TMBA34 – A Roadmap (with Case Study) For Replacing Your Salary in Less Than 6 Months
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
Pricing evolves as you learn what clients want and what they value more.
Bring in people that want the services you offer and find out exactly what they want.
SOP (standard operating procedure).
APHD (Apprentice. Productize. Hire. Diversification.)
People abandon ideas too soon.
The first year in your business is about you having a level of grit and determination that most people just don’t have.
If it was easy everybody would do it.
Pain points are visible if you’re engaged.
There is so much emphasis put on ideas and not enough emphasis put on execution.
Execution is another word for consistent, focused daily action.

What is the Best Place for Location Independent Families?

TMBA33 – What is the Best Place for Location Independent Families?
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Greenback Tax Services
Kids don’t have a preconceived notion of what life is like.
For small kids home is tied to their parents rather than a place.
Health insurance is for peace of mind with a family.
Toys made outside of the U.S. might still have lead or other things like that.
Sometimes easier to bring a nanny with you.
$3k to $4k a month for an apartment in Rio for a family of four.
More expensive to have a baby in Rio than in the U.S.
No healthcare in Bali.
International schools are good in foreign countries.

Subtle Social Media Tactics That Could Change How You Generate Leads

TMBA32 – Subtle Social Media Tactics That Could Change How You Generate Leads
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
Hashtags are great to find something on a certain event.
You want your tweets to be less than 140 characters so they can be retweeted.
You get more click throughs if you add your commentary to a link you tweet.
Absolutely believe in everything you put online.
Aim for a long tail build.
Use hashtags judiciously.
At bootstrap scale it needs to be you.
On Facebook if you’re not paying to show your posts then they won’t be shown as much.
You’ve got to be putting out interesting stuff.
Twitter cuts through the noise. It is voices you trust to cut through the content.
Buffer is a good tool for Twitter.

Is it Possible To Travel Forever?

TMBA31 – Is it Possible To Travel Forever?
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
There is an affiliate marketing subculture.
A regular job is the unsafe option.
Travelling is a life decision.
Look for high commission affiliate deals.
Commission Junction is the place to start.
If you use credit cards effectively you get bonus points, fraud protection, etc.
Have a name that gives you an idea what the site is about.
One to three articles a week.
Nose + Grindstone.
Be an advocate for your readers.

How to Get (and Keep) 1000′s of Blog Subscribers

TMBA29 – How to Get (and Keep) 1000′s of Blog Subscribers

Link: Tropical Talk Radio


Scale business through process.

If you like what you do you’ll actually be successful.

Have a schedule you stick to.

You’re more motivated to stick to your schedule if you see money coming in.

Always be audience first.

Info is free. Work is paid.

You can’t blog in a bubble.

The people that pay you more tend to require the least support.

A blog is how you attract new users to your real business.

Affiliate revenue comes from authority.

The Art of Negotiation

Title: The Art of Negotiation
Date: 2007-10-31
Speaker: Stan Christensen (Arbor Advisors)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Conventional wisdom about negotiation is often wrong.
Almost all negotiations in life repeat (you see the person more often than once) yet most people negotiate as if it is a one time deal.
Natural talent helps with negotiation but education helps a lot.
There is hope for everyone in being effective at negotiation.
Tactics shouldn’t be your primary method of negotiating.
Figure out how to expand the pie as opposed to just dividing up the pie.
Be open to questioning your assumptions.
People that spend time together have a hard time not questioning their assumptions.
Fundamentally negotiation is about how to have relationships and manage them effectively.
Criteria are objective standards that are independent of what either side wants.
Precedent is always a criteria you can use.
It is important to base your agreement on things that are objective not just what one party wants or another party wants.
Listening isn’t just a nice thing to do. It can be extremely persuasive in negotiations.
People often have more in common than they think.
Agreements are worked out within the context of relationships.
If you’re good at relationships you’re good at negotiation.
There is no objective measure of success in the War on Terror.
Most people don’t systematically prepare for negotiations which is a big mistake. There is a direct correlation between how much somebody prepares and how well they do in negotiations.
Never lie and there are no exceptions.
Can you get stuff done? If you’re trustworthy it is easier to get stuff done.
Apologize more. It doesn’t cost you anything.
It is much easier to find out what you can do and what you can change than what they can do better and they can change.
Stay in the game.
Give them extra. There are always opportunities in negotiations to make it a little bit better for the other side. People are surprised and reciprocate.
You can make it better for them without making it worse for you.
If somebody is going to lie to you then the last thing you want to do is attribute something to them.
Always have a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) going in.
There are a lot of gender differences in how people approach negotiation.
Look at issues as a package rather than going issue by issue. Look at negotiations as packages of issues.

Startups: The Need for Speed

Title: Startups: The Need for Speed
Date: 2007-10-17
Speaker: Dominic Orr (Aruba Networks)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
The productivity of your employees can be maximized by giving each one of them freedom and trust.
Every product you build has to fit into the ecosystem of the big guys but solves a problem they cannot fix.
It all boils down to speed. Speed of innovation. Speed of execution.
Big companies have to stay the course.
It is not just speed but thoughtful speed.
If you want to go for thoughtful speed then you have to trade off with a lot of discussion and analysis versus going with your gut.
Don’t defend with your ego. Let intellectual honesty dictate.
For people to be thick-skinned they have to be confident.
Not everybody is as comfortable with themselves as you think they are.
IPO process is more about branding than bringing cash.

Lessons from the Electric Roadster

Title: Lessons from the Electric Roadster
Date: 2007-10-10
Speaker: Martin Eberhard (Tesla Motors)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Work on something you care about.
Electric cars push the choice of fuel upstream.
One key to being a successful entrepreneur is naivety. If you know how hard a problem is when you set out you won’t do it.
Big idea was to use lithium ion batteries because of the density.
Face reality.
You need to balance a team with a combination of smarts, experience, passion and enthusiasm.
Products start at high end of market but as supply chain matures the price goes down.

Capital is No Longer a Constraint

Capital is No Longer a Constraint CoverI’m proud to announce the completion of my second ebook which is titled Capital is No Longer a Constraint. This is a collection of notes on the Tropical Talk Radio podcast which is focused on helping people start and grow lifestyle businesses. If you’re interested in travel and building a lifestyle business you should look the podcast up in iTunes.
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