There Are No Rules

There Are No Rules

Notes on Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Volume 5 (2009-2010)

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Whats Inside?

Everyday you encounter new problems.

Robin Li (Baidu)

Great entrepreneurs don't have better ideas, they have better processes.

Eric Ries (Author)

No good idea that will change the world is universally regarded as one at its outset.

Steve Jurvetson (DFJ)

Conventional wisdom isn't.

Greg Papadopoulos (Sun)

There is no underestimating the value of a single smart idea.

Craig Barrett ((Formerly) Intel)

Everybody needs to be CEO of something.

Mark Pincus, Bing Gordon (Zynga)

Be authentic.

Chamillionaire, Quincy Jones III (QD3)

There are no average startups.

Steve Blank (Serial Entrepreneur)

Out of the fact there are no rules comes great opportunities.

John Adler, Trip Adler (Accuray & Scribd)

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to learn.

David Heinemeier Hansson (37signals)

No problem is too big or too small.

Elisabeth Paté-Cornell (Stanford University)

If you're going to invest your life and time it had better be a crusade and not just a job.

William Hagstrom (Crescendo Bioscience)

Be scrappy. Be opportunistic.

Steve Garrity, Clara Shih, Kimber Lockhart, Jeff Seibert, Josh Reeves, Tristan Harris (Panel of Young Entrepreneurs)

The first entrepreneurial experience lays the groundwork for the second one.

Rashmi Sinha, Jonathan Boutelle (SlideShare)

The great entrepreneurs will figure out how to get around the wall, get over the wall, or knock the wall down. They don't let anything get in their way.

Steve Case (Revolution & AOL)

There is a relationship between innovation and simplicity.

Polly Sumner, Liz Tinkham (Salesforce & Accenture)

There is no way you can innovate if you're not going to allow people to fail more often than they succeed.

Randy Komisar (KPCB)

Most assets today are intangible.

John Seely Brown (Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation)

It is not just about the profits and it is not just about the impact. You really need to have both pieces working together.

Carlos Perea (Miox)

Put the customer at the center of everything you do.

Tom Conrad (Pandora)

Failure is as much a part of success as success is.

Lisa Lambert (Intel Capital)

The best companies tend to be polarizing.

Marc Andreessen (Serial Entrpreneur)

We need to reinforce as a society how important innovation is to all of us.

Josh Makower (ExploraMed)

Time is one of the most precious resources of an entrepreneur.

Alec Ross (Advisor to US Secretary of State)

A collection of notes from the inspirational lecture series "Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders". Read advice from 24 different lectures including leaders such as Eric Ries (author of The Lean Startup), Steve Blank (serial entrepreneur), Steve Case (AOL), and Marc Andreessen (serial entrepreneur).

"If you can imagine it you can build it."

Eric Ries


"Change the rules. Don't let the rules change you."

Craig Barrett

Formerly Intel

"A great entrepreneur is focused on the goal. They make their companies successful by staying agile, passionate, driven, and tenacious."

Steve Blank

Serial Entrepreneur

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