Passions and Other Lessons

Passions and Other Lessons

Notes on Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Volume 1 (2005-2006)

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Whats Inside?

The more challenging the goal the more obstacles you’re going to cross.

Jeff Hawkins (Palm Computing)

Pursue things that touch your passion.

Randy Komisar, Debra Dunn (KPCB)

Difficult to come into an industry that is doing incredibly well and saying that this can be done better.

Geoff Davis (Unitus)

Start small. Think big.

Evan Williams (Odeo)

It is your belief that is going to get you through.

Joe Liemandt (Trilogy)

The very best entrepreneurs are proactive, they deal with tension, are great listeners, and they translate that into interactive learning.

Mark Zuckerberg, Jim Breyer (Facebook)

Those that are benefiting from the status quo don’t want it to change.

Lonnie Smith (Intuitive Surgical)

Be clear about what you are in business for.

Frank Ricks (LRK Architecture)

Ready (vision). Aim (strategy). Fire (execution).

Tom Byers (STVP)

Be a missionary not a mercenary–don’t just be in it for the cash.

Bobby Beaver, Jeff Beaver (Zazzle)

Dissent is always good as long as it is purposeful.

Janice Fraser (Adaptive Path)

You can take really great ideas nowhere if you don’t get really good people to help you do it.

Kim Popovits (Genomic Health)

Success and failure are based on your workstyle and your lifestyle.

Chong-Moon Lee (Ambex Venture Group)

Entrepreneurship is an extreme sport.

Michael Goldberg (MDV)

If you’re not an interested person you’re not an interesting person. Be interested in what is going on in the world (not just what is going on around you).

Carol Bartz (Autodesk)

Integrity matters more than anything you will do in your career.

John Roos (WSGR)

Never miss an opportunity to be fabulous.

Tina Seelig (STVP)

It is the little things that matter most.

Katie Rodan (Proactiv)

The best way to learn about the future is to understand the past.

Stephanie Keller-Bottom (Nokia)

Everybody has something to teach you.

Joel Peterson, Stan Christensen

Start thinking strategically very early.

Pam Marrone (AgraQuest)

Creativity loves constraint.

Marissa Mayer (Google)

It is better to do a few things well than a lot of things poorly.

Gil Penchina (Wikia)

In the history of famous inventors there is almost always somebody involved who can sell.

Robert I. Sutton (Stanford)

A collection of notes from the inspirational lecture series "Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders". Read advice given by business leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, and Jeff Hawkins.

"It is your belief that is going to get you through."

Joe Liemandt


"Entrepreneurship is an extreme sport."

Michael Goldberg


"Never miss an opportunity to be fabulous."

Tina Seelig


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