Execution and Other Lessons

Execution and Other Lessons

Notes on Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Volume 3 (2007-2008)

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Whats Inside?

Spend the company’s money like you spend your own.

Donna Novitsky (Big Tent)

Face reality.

Martin Eberhard (Tesla Motors)

Don't defend with your ego. Let intellectual honesty dictate.

Dominic Orr (Aruba Networks)

Figure out how to expand the pie as opposed to just dividing up the pie.

Stan Christensen (Arbor Advisors)

With change there is opportunity.

Larry Bawden (Jadoo Power)

You're part of a very large flow. Relationships exist beyond you and after you.

Armen Berjikly, Julio Vasconcellos (Experience Project)

The real value of open source is distribution. You get free distribution.

Ashwin Navin, Ping Li (BitTorrent)

Unleash people to do what they couldn't do before.

Mitch Kapor (Foxmarks)

Commit yourself to doing exceptional work always.

Ron Conway, Mike Maples Jr. (Angel Investors)

Capital is very efficient.

Jesse Fink, Steve Blank (Priceline, Serial Entrepreneur)

When your back is to the wall is when you become your most creative.

Christine Benninger (Humane Society)

Act big but stay humble.

Brett Crosby (Google Analytics)

Evaluate your ideas and kill them because it is much more painful to kill a company or fix a failing company.

Mir Imran (InCube Laboratories)

The more you use words the less they mean.

Debra Dunn, Jay Coen Gilbert, Bart Houlahan, Andrew Kassoy (B Corporation)

Culture is the most important part of any organization.

Ken Wilcox (Silicon Valley Bank)

Understand your strengths and amplify them.

Jeff Housenbold (Shutterfly)

All things aren't equal.

David Rothkopf (Author)

Life is too short to do things for somebody else.

Peter Diamandis, George Zachary (X Prize)

Go for broke and fail big.

Anand Chandrasekaran, Michealene C. Risley (Tapestries of Hope)

Focus on the customer as the guiding light in everything you do.

Sue Decker (Yahoo!)

We're all in this together.

Larry Brilliant (Google.org)

Get as much efficiency into your process as possible.

John Melo (Amyris Biotechnologies)

A sense of urgency is critical.

Beth Seidenberg (KPCB)

Don't talk about it. Just show people.


A collection of notes from the inspirational lecture series "Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders". Read advice given by leaders such as Martin Eberhard (Tesla Motors), Ron Conway (SV Angel), and Steve Blank (Serial Entrepreneur).

"Go big or don’t go."

Donna Novitsky

Big Tent

"Stay in the game."

Stan Christensen

Arbor Advisors

"Go big."

Brett Crosby

Google Analytics

"The strive for, the thirst for, knowledge is always a beautiful quest."

Mistah FAB


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