Capital is No Longer a Constraint

Capital is No Longer a Constraint

Notes on Tropical Talk Radio Volume 1

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Whats Inside?

You have to report your foreign bank accounts if you have more than $10,000 cumulative outside of the U.S.

Need 2,000 words of unique content on your front page.

Books are a shortcut to hard earned knowledge.

Entrepreneurs undervalue what their experience means to people on the entrepreneurial path.

A difference in culture is going to present you with a lot of different opportunities.

People must believe in you which starts with believing in yourself.

If you're an entrepreneur the weekend is the time to outshine your competition.

First you do business, then you talk about business.

A blog is a sales tool.

What matters is showing up everyday and hustling your ass off.

Strategies address problems with explicit plans of action.

Bali has a city range of offerings in a town-like environment.

Develop one focal point on the web where your message comes from.

The fourth dimension of copywriting is your relationship with your customer.

To be interesting be interested.

A collection of notes from the inspirational podcast "Tropical Talk Radio". Read advice on travel, taxes, and building a business.

Talk less.

Have a clear value proposition.

Don’t confuse goals with strategy.

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