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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

TMBA391: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Date: 2017-06-01

Link: Tropical MBA


It is really important to separate ownership from your role in the business.

A lot of the things that keep people on the same page are the random trivial moments–the spontaneous things that come up when you are around people a lot.

To launch a business that is scalable it is easier to do it with a partner.

Maintaining a relationship over the long haul is a big challenge.

There are a lot of things that are painful about running businesses.

How Can I Get Started on My Own Business?

TMBA389: TMBA Mailbag: How Can I Get Started on My Own Business?

Date: 2017-05-18

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBAIf your goal is to develop a successful business then you need to develop habits that help you do that.

Can you consistently take action towards your goals? That is all that counts in business.

The clearest path to developing your own ideas is to go work for someone developing similar ideas.

A lot of the same problems that existed at your job still exist when you are an entrepreneur.

If you feel like you are missing a business idea what you are actually missing is relationships.

Some of the most successful people never went to school.

Do not give yourself any other option than to succeed. Keep that as your mindset.

You can’t make people take action.

The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

TMBA387: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Date: 2017-05-04

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBAIt is very rare that you meet a successful person who doesn’t get a lot done.

We will be the first generation to be defined by what we say no to. (quote from Paul Graham)

Do 90-day sprints.

Don’t invest a bunch in something that is not going to work.

Book: The Twelve Week Year

A lot of the resistance to focusing on one thing is emotional.

Plan with goals. Build with habits.

It would be hard to make a thousand sales calls and not get decent at sales.

Organize your weeks with protected areas of deep work.

Use courage and wisdom, and not labor, to make money.

How Does Your Business Feel?

TMBA377: How Does Your Business Feel?

Date: 2017-02-23

Link: Tropical MBA


The way to make the most sales is to sale as hard as you can but that isn’t true over the long term.

If you build an audience that trusts you you can always find a way to monetize it down the line.

Try to grow in a sustainable way.

You don’t have to look at every customer as a number and an opportunity to make money.

Are You An Entrepreneurial Person?

TMBA374: Are You An Entrepreneurial Person?

Date: 2017-02-02

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBAYou need to find your own path forward.

Understand what your vision is and go out and achieve it.

It is so much harder to start when you are older.

(Your passion) has to be something that you have a real energy for without an outside influence.

You have to figure out a way to follow your passion while solving problems for other people.

An important part of your passion is figuring out how you can fit into the world.

Hang out with people (doing what you want to do). The dream might not be what you think it is.

Work-work Balance, Living A Process-Based Life, and More Listener Questions

Episode 308 | Work-work Balance, Living A Process-Based Life, and More Listener Questions

Date: 2016-10-04

Link: Startups for the Rest of Us


When you get further removed it is easier to be objective.

If you find that you are doing the same thing for days on end then you might want to schedule a daily review.

Most of the things that you consider crap work is a job for somebody else doing something they enjoy.

By its very nature entrepreneurship is a constant state of forgoing present gains for potential future rewards

Developers are much more motivated by having cool problems to solve (rather than money).

Is the Micropreneur Dream Still Alive?

Episode 307 | Is the Micropreneur Dream Still Alive?

Date: 2016-09-27

Link: Startups for the Rest of Us


Priorities definitely change over time.

People start businesses for a wide variety of reasons.

Often new things are bigger and scarier challenges.

The reasons that people exit their businesses are just as varied as the reasons people start them.

The question is what you want to have an impact on.

Symptoms: Sleeplessness, Loneliness, Stress. Possible Diagnosis: Entrepreneurship

TMBA352: Symptoms: Sleeplessness, Loneliness, Stress. Possible Diagnosis: Entrepreneurship

Date: 2016-09-01

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBAWhen you have an early stage business things are up and down and it…amplifies your internal rollercoaster of emotions.

It takes time to make friends. It takes time to earn people’s trust.

7 Entrepreneurial Blind Spots

Episode 299 | 7 Entrepreneurial Blind Spots

Date: 2016-07-26

Link: Startups for the Rest of Us


Startups for the Rest of UsCheapium is when you are charging cost.

Sometimes you come up with a lot of good ideas but you can’t do because of lack of funds or resources.

Being an entrepreneur is more about the journey than the goals.

The vast majority of entrepreneurs are goal oriented.

Anything that is outside your direct control is going to take two times longer than you think.

It is really hard to do an estimate for someone else.

Most developers estimate too low.

You can only be productive on one or two things at a time over a given time period (of a few days or weeks).

There is always more code to write and there is always more marketing to do.

You know you’re not objective about something when you start to become defensive about the points you are making.

People fall into a trap of doing everything themselves because (they think) it is going to take too long to delegate it to someone else.

You want to hire someone for their decision making ability not necessarily the skills they have.

You’re going to base the majority of your decisions on incomplete data.

Launching 100 Projects in One Year

Episode 296 | Launching 100 Projects in One Year

Date: 2016-07-05

Link: Startups for the Rest of Us


Startups for the Rest of UsWhen you’re running a business you know your financials and what is coming down the pipe. With employment you can just show up one day and you’re gone.

To get above seven figures in SaaS revenue you need a team.

If you hire somebody full-time you are not just responsible for their job and benefits but for their kids’ welfare as well.

People want to be part of the story.

There is no point in creating something if nobody is ever going to look at it or use it.

Know what your own limitations are.

Use a Beta List launch to find out who is interested. Look at your mailing list and find out why people are signing up.

Starting is way easier than finishing.

You have to be willing to quit some projects.

Walking away is hard.

You get really good at launching, and getting over those fears, the more you launch.

Start small and start now.

There is no one path to success.