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Can You Invest in Property if You Don’t Have Much Money?

TMBA339: Can You Invest in Property if You Don’t Have Much Money?

Date: 2016-06-02

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBAThe nice thing about buying a multi-unit property is you can qualify for a loan as a primary residence.

Financial freedom is the point where passive income from investments covers your cost of living with minimum input of your time.

As entrepreneurs sometimes you have to go through multiple rejections before you get to the yes.

As a landlord you are in the real estate industry and as an Airbnb host you are in the hospitality industry.

Pursue rewards relative to their risk context.

Cap rate is your next operating income relative to the purchase price of the house.

Don’t rent to a friend.

What is the World’s Best Diet?

TMBA338: What is the World’s Best Diet?

Date: 2016-05-26

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBASometimes we sacrifice our health for our business but we don’t need to.

Best diet is…real food that grows out of the ground.

There is no cure for dead.

It is never too early and never too late to start eating healthy. We need to start today.

Meat should be a condiment.

It makes sense to center our diet as much as possible around whole plant foods.

The Power of the Pickle

TMBA337: The Power of the Pickle

Date: 2016-05-19

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBARevenue is a vanity metric.

When you try to do everything under the sun you can’t get good at anything.

Niche down.

If you want to travel a bunch you cannot have a brick and mortar business that requires your presence all the time.

Put down on paper what you want in life.

Think about yourself only (when writing down what you want in life) because if at your core you aren’t satisfied then you can’t be there for anybody else.

Your labor is your biggest line item on any business.

Matt Farah on Breaking Through

TMBA336: Matt Farah on Breaking Through

Date: 2016-05-12

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBASome people who have made incredibly successful careers for themselves do things on the surface that might sound like a bad strategy.

The problem with other video sites is that people go to YouTube. People don’t go to Vimeo to browse around.

CPM is number of dollars per 1,000 views.

Nobody clicks on ads on mobile.

You end up with about $1.80 or $1.90 per 1,000 views.

Don’t make television on the Internet. You need to make Internet on the Internet.

Success is looking at what your talents are rather than having to do it the way everybody else has done it in the past.

The Long View on Location Independence

TMBA335: The Long View on Location Independence

Date: 2016-05-05

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBAYou have to be in the moment (as a digital nomad).

“Why are you here?” is a very appropriate question to be asking.

There are certain things that are a really big deal in your life that you don’t realize until you are taken out of your comfort zone.

When you partner up with a person you are also partner up with a passport.

As businesses grow (people) need more stability.

Borders are turning into fences and some day they might be suggestions.

Info Product Talk

TMBA333: Info Product Talk

Date: 2016-04-21

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBA(When learning a language) put what you study into practice.

In info products your unique value proposition is your unique perspective.

As a small business owner the best place you can have a return on your money is within your business.

Recurring billing is kind of a hard sell.

When you are selling B2C once you get past $50 it is not an impulse purchase anymore.

A Conversation with Mr. Money Mustache

TMBA332: A Conversation with Mr. Money Mustache

Date: 2016-04-14

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBAThere is something other to do with your money than finding a way to spend all of it.

It is annoying to see your own inefficiencies.

Understand your own weaknesses.

What really makes humans happy is having great, warm relationships with other people where you can be giving and have time to spend with them.

To retire you need to have 25 times your annual income invested in something that generates cash.

Earn a lot and don’t spend a lot.

Never borrow money for a car.

Television is a depressing medium.

Being a leader is a great thing in attracting other entrepreneurial people.

Set the rules instead of follow them.

The most content human lifestyle is one that is simple.

Getting the Most Out of YouTube

TMBA330: Getting the Most Out of YouTube

Date: 2016-03-31

Link: Tropical MBA


Tropical MBAHave structure to your schedule

Book: Miracle Morning

An entrepreneur has to give yourself structure.

One thing that is important on YouTube is to brand yourself.

Don’t let it be so overwhelming that you don’t get started.

It is important to get a lot of content out there.

Have a call to action at the beginning (of the video as well at the end).

Getting started is the main thing.

If your primary audience is in China then YouTube is not for you.

Your personality and how you come across on camera are the most important.

You have to be able to connect to your viewer and treat them like you are talking to them.

You want to look like you want your brand to look.

Think about what the difference is between what you are putting in your YouTube channel for free vs. what you are putting in your paid materials.