The Business Idea Bonanza with Dan Norris

TMBA367: The Business Idea Bonanza with Dan Norris
Date: 2016-12-15
Link: Tropical MBA
Tropical MBAService businesses are the easiest to launch and to start getting customer feedback.
Every business owner is on Facebook and they see ads for their competitors due to retargeting.
People are going to start hiring videographers to follow them around to do a weekly video.
You can go into BuzzSumo and find out what the most popular blog posts are on sites.
So many books are written by ghostwriters.
With a podcast you miss out on a massive amount of online traction that you get with written content.
You don’t want to create a dedicated lead magnet for every post. You only want to do it for posts that are going to get good traction.
Just because you know (it) is a great opportunity does not mean you have the time or resources to implement the strategy.
Right now there is more money than there are businesses.
Anything that externally validates what you are doing is a good thing.
People don’t naturally have the amount of empathy to know what it is like to be you.