Is All Property an Investment Opportunity?

TMBA358: Is All Property an Investment Opportunity?
Date: 2016-10-13
Link: Tropical MBA
Tropical MBAYou need to make sure you get (both rent and capital growth).
You want to invest in assets and property that allow you to build up a decent sized portfolio that will pay off down the line.
You need to know why (you are investing in property). You need to have a goal.
You can’t have a property portfolio that takes none of your time and expect to get rich overnight.
Don’t include your own home as part of your investment portfolio.
Where you buy a place to live might not be in the best investment area.
With your own home you make emotional decisions that you wouldn’t make for a rental property.
When you invest you leave emotion out.
Not many people can run and build businesses. Property is more accessible for more people.
With property you can build in value from the start by getting a good deal.
Most really rich people are storing their wealth in property rather than generating their wealth in property.