Getting the Most Out of YouTube

TMBA330: Getting the Most Out of YouTube
Date: 2016-03-31
Link: Tropical MBA
Tropical MBAHave structure to your schedule
Book: Miracle Morning
An entrepreneur has to give yourself structure.
One thing that is important on YouTube is to brand yourself.
Don’t let it be so overwhelming that you don’t get started.
It is important to get a lot of content out there.
Have a call to action at the beginning (of the video as well at the end).
Getting started is the main thing.
If your primary audience is in China then YouTube is not for you.
Your personality and how you come across on camera are the most important.
You have to be able to connect to your viewer and treat them like you are talking to them.
You want to look like you want your brand to look.
Think about what the difference is between what you are putting in your YouTube channel for free vs. what you are putting in your paid materials.