A Conversation With Ribbonfarm’s Venkat Rao

TMBA325: A Conversation With Ribbonfarm’s Venkat Rao
Date: 2016-02-25
Link: Tropical MBA
Tropical MBAWhen you are a free agent you start to get more creative about what it means to save for retirement.
You start to get much more sophisticated about what every aspect of money means to you when you see the whole equation.
(If you are doing a lifestyle design business) make sure your actions aren’t coming from a chip on your shoulder. But if you are doing the Silicon Valley/VC thing then a chip on your shoulder is an asset.
There is no such thing as passive income.
The calibration of expectations is important.
Book: Seeing Like a State
You have to be intellectually engaged in the problem of understanding your environment.
Everybody should look for fulfillment in work. Work is a third of our lives and half of our waking lives.