So You’ve Been Asked to Speak at a Conference

TMBA308: So You’ve Been Asked to Speak at a Conference
Date: 2015-10-29
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
Tropical MBAWhen thinking of a topic for a talk think about what these people (the conference audience) would benefit from that we would have to offer.
To write a good talk takes at least forty hours.
Write paragraphs and try to figure out good stories.
Find a combination of actionable advice and good stories.
Good stories are what makes a great talk.
Nobody like bullet points.
Lead with a punch line and then tell the story.
Most successful talks have a high level concept that is then illustrated by a case study or an anecdote.
Pulling off a performance is a lot different than pulling off a talk.
In a 200 person audience the energy is only pressure (on you).
You can download free slide libraries.