9 Reasons Why People Won’t Buy Your Product (And How to Fix Them)

Episode 246 | 9 Reasons Why People Won’t Buy Your Product (And How to Fix Them)
Date: 2015-07-21
Link: Startups for the Rest of Us
Startups for the Rest of UsDon’t go too much into the features too quickly or else people won’t understand the value they will get out of it. You can’t just go after benefits either.
The headline should be a promise rather than a description.
Start with a benefit (promise). Then text that digs down into how it does that (but not features yet). Then some testimonials or press links. Then dig into a couple of features in bullet points or short snippets. Three to six features on home page.
Use “you” language on home page.
Also have a full features page.
Targeting traffic is hard. The less traffic you send to your homepage the better. Send more traffic to individual landing pages that look like your home page but with the headline changed to something that hits with the traffic source.
You can morph your pages to talk directly to an audience.
People might not trust that you can deliver on the promises that you are making on your homepage or landing page. To get around that you lead nurturing. Offer something very small in exchange for an email address.
It is hard to tell how long lead nurturing is going to take.
There is going to be an incumbent in whatever market you enter into.
The biggest competitor to most bug tracking software is spreadsheets. If it works well enough then why would somebody change?
You have to show not just incremental value but a dramatic savings in time, a dramatic savings of money, or how you can make someone a lot more money, or how you can remove a pain from their life. You have to figure out what that pain is and really go after that.
Remove the pain of switching from whatever they were using to using your software (even if you have to manually enter data for them).
Asking someone to sign up for your service is asking them to do work.
Send emails to new users with their onboarding tasks. Have a walk-through or guided setup.
Use something like retargeting to bring people back.
Collecting email addresses and then not emailing them for three months is the worst thing you can possibly do.
You can ask on your sales page, “Have you tried a bunch of other products and they haven’t worked for you?”
It is hard to not overprice something if you are not also delivering the value.
Don’t drop price. Add value to it.