Email List Building From Zero to 1,000: Part II

Episode 239 | Email List Building From Zero to 1,000: Part II
Date: 2015-06-02
Link: Startups for the Rest of Us
Startups for the Rest of UsEvery marketing approach is intended to drive traffic somewhere.
Leverage existing startup lists.
Have stuff that is specific for non-trial users that pitches and links to your trial signup page.
Leverage a contest or giveaway.
Give people an additional chance to win if they get other people signed up (for your contest).
Contests and giveaways likely will do better in a B2C offering than in a B2B offering.
There are tons of other social networks you can leverage (outside of the big ones).
If you’re going to leverage social networks you need to post content pretty regularly.
Content marketing and social marketing go hand in hand.
Do what you are gifted at doing.
Leverage other people’s (or company’s) networks.
Recognize if you audience is going to overlap with theirs and if you are going to provide enough value to them.
Paid advertising is something you want to stay away from until you understand what your leads are worth to you.
There is a real value to meeting someone in person.
Make sure each page has a single function.
In many cases the function of a page is to get their email address.