Find Your Venture's Emotional Core

Title: Find Your Venture’s Emotional Core
Date: 2015-05-27
Speaker: Susan Koger (ModCloth)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Part of the drive that will you to start things will never let you be satisfied.There is no right way to be an entrepreneur.
When you are making big decisions sit down and think about what are the worst case scenarios. Write them down.
Part of the drive that wills you to start things will never let you be satisfied.
Work on the practice of celebrating your wins.
It is okay to be a rookie. It is okay to not know what you are doing.
Resist faking it because you might miss opportunities to find your own path.
Don’t be afraid to go into an industry you don’t know anything about.
It is okay to look back and cringe.
You have to get out there and do stuff.
Once you actually get things in front of your community–in front of your users–that is where you get the feedback that actually matters.
The emotional core of what you do–the purpose of what you do as an entrepreneur–is really important. It is what endures.
Your purpose is what connects your team to the work. It is what makes everyone move in the same direction.
It is important to understand your audience.
You have to have the drive. There are going to be some days where you need something to get you out of bed.
The emotional core is what gets you through tough times.
The concept of an overnight success story does not exist.
All entrepreneurs have different stories.
If you feel good about it get it out there. Don’t sit on it and hold it in because it isn’t perfect. It will never be perfect.