The Startup Journey: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Title: The Startup Journey: A Marathon, Not a Sprint
Date: 2015-02-25
Speaker: Joshua Reeves (ZenPayroll)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
The magic of entrepreneurship is the idea of wanting to take the impossible and make it real.Academics tie to what you do in a work environment.
(For college) the actual mindset is more valuable than the coursework you are going through.
Discover who you are. Discover what you care about. Understand the things that interests you. That requires experimentation.
With school there is no right or wrong answer.
When you choose what you want to do when you graduate think about who you want to become like.
There are two main types of learning. There is academic learning and there is tactical learning.
Tactical learning is learning whatever it is you need to learn to overcome the obstacle in front of you.
You can have ten years of work pass by without ever taking a step back to determine if you like what you are doing.
Set up your own quarter or semester system. Set up that (introspective time) otherwise life will pass you by.
Solve a problem that you can imagine spending the rest of your life working on.
Deciding who you are going to start a company with matters way, way more than skills or expertise. Understand what their motivations are and that they align with your motivations.
Solve a problem by creating a business rather than creating a business to solve a problem.
Payroll is more about people than payments.
Don’t be intimidated by your lack of knowledge. It can be a huge asset for you as well.
Starting a business is a labor of love.
Celebrate the human aspect of what it means to work.
It is a very intense experience to build a company.
Fundraising is not about capital–it is about people.
You can almost apply the same lens to fundraising as you do to hiring.
It is not a zero-sum game.
We can always get better.
Values are who you are. They are what you stand for.
Giving equity aligns economic outcomes and every person is an owner of the business–literally. Nobody should be treated as an employee. Nobody should be treated as if they are there to complete a single task.
Building things that are really great, and have a big impact on the world, take time.
Trust your team.
Fire yourself from as many jobs as you can.
It is an incredible time to be in technology and startups.
There are a lot of problems out there and a business exists to solve problems.
As long as there are problems there are opportunities for new businesses to be created.
Find a problem that really matters to you.
There are a lot of problems out there waiting to be solved.
The magic of entrepreneurship is the idea of wanting to take the impossible and make it real.
Interviewing isn’t just them learning about you. It is you learning about them.
If you are in a business that doesn’t have a lot to do then you are probably not in a very interesting business.
Mentorship can happen in many ways.
All that matters is the way that you spend your time.
It is not just what you do but who you do it with.
It is not just about accomplishing the goal but how you accomplish that goal.
You can never go wrong by overly focusing on people.
Heroism doesn’t scale. Heroes become martyrs.