Putting Startup Success in Perspective

Title: Putting Startup Success in Perspective
Date: 2015-02-18
Speaker: John Collison (Stripe)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Question the way things work.Startups over time tend to get higher and higher up in how they describe themselves.
A challenge you will face as you go through the early stage with your early customers is figuring out what is core to the product and what is not. What should be part of your vision and what will need to change as you hit obstacles with your customers?
Vision is what you are not willing to change.
There will be things that make sense in the early days that don’t scale later on.
Obvious in hindsight doesn’t really help you.
Be mindful in the day to day life you live.
We live in a world that is completely broken in a lot of small and big ways.
Question the way things work.
Companies that are successful in changing an industry are often not started by insiders.
We are all swimming in opportunity but it is often really, really hard to see it.
Bad ideas take a lot of time and often never achieve escape velocity but good ideas take a really long time to achieve escape velocity too.
It is important to be really clear in your own mind, and as time goes on be good at communicating, about what is unique about what you are doing.
The Internet economy should not be the U.S.–it should be the world–and we need to fight really hard to make that happen.
Product strategy is always going to be really hard.
You have to get good at pretty quickly learning new skills.
A bad mistake when it comes to hiring is so demotivating–it can spread badly to the rest of the company.
The correct way to do hiring is branches of a tree–when you hire someone you are not just bringing them you are bringing their effect on the culture and all of the other people they are going to bring in with them.
It is important as you grow to become more metrics driven.
The quality and tenor of your personal interactions matter a lot.