Figure Out What's Important

Title: Figure Out What’s Important
Date: 2015-02-11
Speaker: Kathryn Gould (Foundation Capital)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Do interesting stuff.Whatever you do make sure you are learning from really smart people.
Do interesting stuff.
Be very careful about who you take on as a client.
Don’t raise so much money that you can’t sell at a modest price and be happy.
It is still about market opportunity.
When you raise venture capital it is really important to get a great venture capitalist on your board.
Be very particular about who your investors are. It is not always about price.
Take a great venture capitalist at a lower price than some person at a ridiculously high price.
Look for a target customer with a compelling reason to buy.
It is very rare that a startup gets beat by a larger company. Mostly they get beat by some other startup down the street who is smarter than they are.
Get somebody else on your board other than an investor. Somebody who can bring an outside experience.