Making Complicated Things Simple

Title: Making Complicated Things Simple
Date: 2015-02-04
Speaker: Alon Cohen (Houzz)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Sometimes it is best to jump in and not thing too hard about what is going to happen.(Successful entrepreneurs) take something that is complicated and make it much simpler.
It is not enough to be talented at something. You actually have to work very hard.
Pick the right people.
It is never too late (to start a company).
You can learn on the way if you go and work other places.
At big companies it is difficult to get people to feel empowered.
Try to hire people that are very entrepreneurial.
The first few hires you bring are critical.
A-players bring A-players.
Founders are best at moving walls and getting things done.
Sometimes it is best to jump in and not think too hard about what is going to happen.
At the end of the day it is really about the people.
It is always important that you keep investing in the future. It is what keeps you ahead of the game.
Every startup is different.
On the inside you know things are not always what they look like on the outside.