The Stair Step Approach to Launching Products

Episode 222 | The Stair Step Approach to Launching Products
Date: 205-02-03
Link: Startups for the Rest of Us
Startups for the Rest of UsBook: How Star Wars Conquered the Universe
An example of a single-traffic channel is one that gets all of its traffic from SEO.
The benefits of step one is getting a little revenue and learning the process.
It can be a lot easier to sell something that is a one-time sale.
You are getting experience writing marketing copy.
You can’t just jump up to the hardest task right away.
Step two is two repeat step one until you own your time.
Step three is a recurring revenue app.
If you want to build a revenue stream then having one-time sales isn’t going to do it.
The stair step approach isn’t about building a brand or building an audience.
Learning these skills is the key to building a customer base.
Step four is having multiple SaaS apps but very few people or companies are able to maintain that.
Success is not something you can say is going to happen.