Tackle Projects Others Don't Want

Title: Tackle Projects Others Don’t Want
Date: 2014-10-22
Speaker: Matt Rogers (Nest)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Being an entrepreneur is a very lonely place.A lot can happen in ten years.
Growing up with technology at a young age changes your mindset on how you interact with the world.
If somebody gives you a really hard problem get excited and figure out how to solve them.
Nothing ever works the first time.
Internships are super important. You’ll learn a ton.
Manufacturing is really important.
Things that people don’t care about are really important.
Doing the end-to-end in technology is really complicated.
Don’t chase the money. How much you raise is not important. What is more important is who you work with.
Being an entrepreneur is a very lonely place.
Surround yourself with a team that augments your weaknesses.
Always be working on the next thing because the chances are you competitors are going to be working on your first thing.
There are very few new brands that reach mass.
PR only gets you so far. At some point you need to reach the mass consumer.
You can’t do it alone.
Investing in new things that may never pan out is not something big companies do often.
Plans do change. The key is to have a plan.
You want to make sure you believe in what you’re doing.
When you build a product for yourself it is not always the right product.
Build a product for consumers. Know who they are.
When your team is small every single person matters.
The business world is 1% strategy and 99% tactics.
Don’t be afraid.
It is okay to take risks.
You should be measured with your risks.