The Power of Not Knowing

Title: The Power of Not Knowing
Date: 2014-10-08
Speaker: Liz Wiseman (Author)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
When you know nothing you're forced to create something.Intelligence’s sibling is practical know-how.
Intelligence represents promise of the next big thing as well as safety and comfort particularly in an industry where things don’t stand still for very long.
In a technology company nothing is more important than technology transfer.
When you know nothing you’re forced to create something.
Focus on the basics.
Don’t assume anything because often we don’t know anything.
Experience creates a number of blind spots.
When we know the pattern we start filling things in. We start answering questions before they’ve been asked. We stop seeing new data points. We stop seeking feedback and input. We stop seeking new opportunities.
The most powerful form of learning comes when we are desperate.
Rookies are often a lot faster than people with experience.
Where we work in the space of the unknown is where we feel our greatest joy.
Spend zero time in jobs you’re qualified for.
Shop for a boss or be a boss.
Rely on your own brilliance.