Happy New Year Entrepreneurs

Define SuccessMany people reflect back on the year during the holiday season as business often slows down and they spend time with their families. With the new year upon us they start looking forward by setting personal resolutions or drawing up roadmaps for their businesses.
In 2014 I didn’t quite achieve all of my goals and had some unexpected but pleasant surprises. In 2015 I’m looking forward to achieving everything that wasn’t accomplished in 2014 and more.
Over the past month I did accomplish releasing my latest two books of notes on Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders. The first one, Define Success, was released on Thanksgiving. That one contains notes on lectures from Jack Dorsey (Square), Aaron Levie (Box.net), and Mark Suster (Serial Entrepreneur) among others.
Innovation is the Only Way OutAnd last week I finished and released Innovation is the Only Way Out. That is the seventh volume! I can’t believe how many lectures I’ve listened to and all I’ve learned from them. This one contains notes from talks by leaders such as Phil Libin (Evernote), Brad Feld (Foundry Group), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Daniel Elk (Spotify), and Drew Houston (Dropbox).
If you’re having a slow day (which every New Year’s Eve should be) and have never filled out a Dreamline before then you should do so immediately. It really helps you define your goals, plan the steps needed to achieve them, and begin taking them today. The guys over at Tropical MBA have a prebuilt spreadsheet ready to go for you which you’ll find linked to here.
Have a great night and a successful 2015.