Outbound Sales for Startups with Guest Steli Efti

Episode 202 | Outbound Sales for Startups with Guest Steli Efti
Date: 2014-09-16
Link: Startups for the Rest of Us
Book: Ultimate Startup Guide to Outbound Sales
Cold calling and cold emailing has a stigma to it.
Rather than talking sales is a lot more about asking questions and proactively listening.
When listening someone will convince you that your solution is the right one and you need to tell them that.
Sales is more psychologically hard. You don’t have to do anything that is physically hard.
When you do sales you can’t avoid rejection. You have to embrace it.
We all can get good at sales.
Sales is highs and lows.
On every single day you’re not going to have the same outcome.
Make your goal to get rejected every day.
Sales will come as a result of making calls. Don’t tie your goals to sales.
In the early days it is more about learning.
In the early days focus on how I can learn as much as humanely possible about your customer.
Cold email usually works better for large established organization and works to just get in touch with the right person to schedule a demo with.
Cold calling sometimes works better in the SMB market than the enterprise market.
To do cold calling the customer lifetime value should be at least a few thousand dollars.
The reasons people will not buy your product will be about ten to twenty objections that you hear every single day. Write those down. Then write down an answer to each of them. The answer doesn’t need to perfect it just needs to be short. Two to three sentences max.
People like confident people.
A lot of people outsource sales because they think they don’t know how to do it.