How to Build A Marketing Calendar

Episode 203 | How to Build A Marketing Calendar
Date: 2014-09-23
Link: Startups for the Rest of Us
You don’t want too many emails going out the same week.
A marketing calendar is supposed to help you not shoot from the hip. It lays out what you need to do and you can work towards it.
Use Excel or Google spreadsheets.
Write down all marketing activities you want to engage in or try out in the future.
Your marketing game plan needs to live for several years.
It is a living and breathing document.
Niche down your target audience as much as you can so that you can effectively write to them.
If you’re before product-market fit you only want to plan a month or two out.
If you’re really starting to scale and you know your audience and message then you can plan six months out.
For each marketing strategy break that down into its component tasks.
There is a bit of art in prioritizing marketing activities.
Give yourself enough time for your marketing activities to work.
You can outsource writing articles.
You want to get to the point where somebody who is not a founder can do it well enough.
Don’t push out bad content just because you have a content calendar.