9 Tactics for Aggressive Time Management

Episode 204 | 9 Tactics for Aggressive Time Management
Date: 2014-09-30
Link: Startups for the Rest of Us
Have the willpower to prioritize and to move things out of email into your to do list.
Turn off email, Facebook, Twitter, text message, or any other notifications during the day that can interrupt you.
Stop consuming mainstream news.
Put your phone in the other room when you’re with your family.
Don’t say “email me” or “call me” unless you really mean it.
Say no a lot.
Most of the time your default answer should be know unless you have a compelling reason to say yes.
When you say yes to things people will ask for more things.
Early on in your career you should say yes to more.
Most people over commit themselves in general.
Either don’t do Twitter at all or schedule your time to do it.
Use a to do list in the cloud.
Eliminate meetings.
Maker schedule vs. manager schedule.