Copywriting Tips and Formulas with Kevin Rogers

SPI 116 : Copywriting Tips and Formulas with Kevin Rogers
Date: 2014-07-03
Link: Smart Passive Income
There is no one size fits all formula for copywriting.
Imagine yourself having a conversation with who you expect to be your most bitter or cynical prospective customer. Write down what you would respond with to their questions and objections.
Bullets are a really essential part of copywriting.
Bullets often become great heads, subheads, or subject lines in emails.
If you just read the subheads in a good sales letter you can pretty much get the gist.
A lot of people come to an offer when they are in pain.
When a lot of teaching is going on is the best kind of copy.
It is all about context and being transparent and honest.
Great bullets often come from what things aren’t.
You need to get attention. Then you need to make a connection. Then you need to inspire them to take action.
The connection is the most difficult part.
Know. Like. Trust.
The human attention span is eight seconds.
Joke Formula: Identity. Struggle. Discovery. Suprise.
Marketing Formula: Identity. Struggle. Discovery. Results. Call to Action.
Misdirection is bad. You’re trying to establish trust.
The way to win over a stranger in any situation is to be honest and vulnerable.
Any time you are drawn into something save it or snap a picture of it with your phone.
Book: Headless Body in Topless Bar
Everybody wants to sit and read a well-written story.
The best way to write a headline is to have a headline to write about.
You have to be testing all of the time.
The only judgement that matters if people are clicking and taking action on it.
The biggest headline mistake by far is trying to close the deal in the headline.
The headlines only job is to get the next line of text read or your video watched.