The Life of a Brand New Visitor

SPI 111 : The Life of a Brand New Visitor
Date: 2014-05-31
Link: Smart Passive Income
Not everyone who lands on your site lands on your homepage.
Every page counts.
Every page could be a first impression.
Recognize where people are coming from and where on your site they are going.
The moment people arrive at your site show them they are in the right spot.
If you can define the problem better than your target customer then they will automatically assume you have the solution.
The description of your page in the Google results is so important.
The headlines of your posts are incredibly important.
What is their first seven second like on your site? That is the time you have to show visitors that it is the place they need to be.
The speed of the page matters.
What is the first step you want (your visitors) to take?
Have a getting started page. It is as important as a resources page.
If you don’t give people incentive to move around they’re going to leave. That will give you a high bounce rate.
Make sure your content is formatted in a way to keep people going. They scan when they read things online.
Visit your site on a mobile device. What is that experience like?
Don’t leave them hanging. You don’t want to give your audience a reason to leave.
Don’t end your posts with a long awkward pause. Ask questions. Give an opinion. Continue the conversation.
At the end of your posts link to other posts or ask for an email subscription.
The “Thank You” page (after an email subscription) is the most underutilized page on a blog. It should be “thanks – here is more” or “thanks – here is something awesome that can help you right now”.
Surprise your audience.
Go out of your way.
Do something unexpected for your audience or subscribers.
The two most powerful words in the English language are “thank you.”
Unexpected things are what get people to feel really special.