Distributed Team Collaboration for Startups

Episode 193 |Distributed Team Collaboration for Startups
Date: 2014-07-15
Link: Startups for the Rest of Us
When you don’t care about people coming into an office you can extend your reach across the globe.
Generally people like working remotely. You avoid a commute.
If you don’t know (your remote workers) well enough to trust them you need to fall back on some software (to make sure they are working).
There are a lot of people who when they’re just sitting in a chair does not mean they’re working.
You need to focus on the work itself.
Even companies with remote workers have a culture.
Try to operate on a non-interrupted schedule. Reserve voice and instant message for things that are critical rather than everyday stuff. Use email for everyday stuff.
Schedule things in sprints and milestones.
Have a style guide.
If you’re not aware that burnout can become an issue you can get to a point where it is too late.
It is not easy to find good people.
Don’t give people too many chances.