Achieving Authenticity With Andy Gray

FA162 – Achieving Authenticity With Andy Gray
Date: 2013-08-29
Link: The Foolish Adventure
Being able to do what you want doesn’t necessarily mean you’re living your life authentically.
Figuring out who we want to be is not an easy task. It is a lifetime task.
It is a lot easier to start living someone else’s story.
We feel trapped by our past decisions.
You don’t have mobility if you don’t have the ability to choose to go somewhere.
The sum of your life is made up of your choices.
Ultimately you have to feel good about how you’re spending your time.
There is risk when things are ambiguous.
There are so many choices you can make. They all can be right choices.
When you feel that things aren’t just quite right it is worth it to take a look at why that is.
Don’t look for a guru when it comes to authenticity because when it comes to that you’re your own authority.