The Tao of the Sale

TMBA245: The Tao of the Sale
Date: 2014-05-22
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
The deal with the devil is doing one thing so you can do another.
Artists do art and entrepreneurs build enterprises.
Time is the most critical investment.
Discounts are not going to get you a high-end audience.
If you can sale you’re in business.
Record your phone calls.
The action is in the details.
You learn by doing stuff and make what you do count.
Let silence happen.
Sell everything (you do).
Indifference sucks.
Start on the phone and then translate that relationship to the page.
The best thing you can do is have your customers sell your product for you.
Discounts tend to cheapen the deal. It devalues your product.
Sales fills the holes that marketing and distribution have left.
Ask the most basic questions.
Good brands have legacy marketing value.
Stories lead to sales.
The best place to make sales is with your current customers.
Do things that don’t scale.
Start with one customer.
Cold email works. Cold email works better than calls because it isn’t a disrupter.
You have to give to get.