The “Knowledge Gap” Fallacy

TMBA243: The “Knowledge Gap” Fallacy
Date: 2014-05-08
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
Out of the gate you need to have the confidence to focus on the premium end of the marketplace.
The number one problem is personal confidence.
Good clients make the decisions for the long term.
Don’t go into a business and assume you know what they need.
The way to win is to have the best product.
Recognize that the real value you’re providing to higher end clients is saving them time.
The Internet gives special priority to mini-monopolies.
As an entrepreneur you can be more successful as the matador than as the bull.
Have a plan that pushes you to the edge of the value chain.
Products are becoming cheaper to manufacture across the board.
Industrial goods are more and more getting sold on the Internet and less through middlemen.
Make sure you have a real brand.