Crazy is a Compliment

Title: Crazy is a Compliment
Date: 2014-05-07
Speaker: Linda Rottenberg (Endeavor)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
The most important backer you’ll need to start any venture is you.
The first part of doing anything different is being misunderstood.
If you’re trying to shake up the status quo then the people following the status quo won’t necessarily embrace your vision.
It is the juxtaposition between doing what is the safe and the known and the unsafe and unknown. It is the juncture between hope and fear. Choose hope.
Stop planning. Start doing.If you’re not called crazy you’re probably not thinking big enough.
Stop planning. Start doing.
Only 12% of Inc. 500 company conducted formal market research before launch. And only 40% actually created business plans. Two thirds of those ditched them.
Entrepreneurs don’t look at the writing on the wall. They look at the space in between because it is in those gaps where real impact happens.
The greatest entrepreneurs focus on pain points not Powerpoints.
Don’t bet the farm.
Most entrepreneurs are risk minimizers.
Think big but execute small.
Stalking is an underrated startup strategy.
Turbulence is the official climate of entrepreneurship.
Stability is the friend of the status quo. Chaos is the friend of the entrepreneur.
When economies look down entrepreneurs look up.
Give yourself permission to fail.
Act counter to everyone else and counter to your instincts. When everybody is zagging start zigging.
Above all else stay on the entrepreneurial train.
Know your strengths.
Make sure within the team you have different strengths.
The next wave of diplomacy is going to be held entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur (e2e).
If you don’t learn to become a leader then you won’t have anybody to lead.
Being authentic and vulnerable opens you up to many opportunities.
Close doors. You can’t be one foot in and one foot out.
People become paralyzed when keeping too many doors open.