What You Learn by Doing

Title: What You Learn by Doing
Date: 2013-04-24
Speaker: Akshay Kothari, Ankit Gupta (Pulse)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
You can create luck.Time is more valuable than money. (Ankit Gupta)
Keep it simple. (Akshay Kothari)
It is all about people. (Akshay Kothari)
The more side projects you do the more mistakes you make and the more learning you have. (Akshay Kothari)
You never know when a side project will become a big company. (Akshay Kothari)
If you stay focused on product and keep putting things out there you might be sitting on the next big product. (Akshay Kothari)
Getting feedback quickly is really important. (Akshay Kothari)
Balance (in employee gender) is really good. (Akshay Kothari)
Culture is one of the most important things that every founder should think about. (Akshay Kothari)
Culture changes very fast. (Akshay Kothari)
Every person should be thinking about product. (Akshay Kothari)
Give open feedback. (Ankit Gupta)
If you can create a scenario where they need you more than you need them then you’re in a good position. (Akshay Kothari)
It all comes back to: What is your mission? What are your values? What does your product actually do? (Ankit Gupta)
Focus on building a great product. (Akshay Kothari)
Luck is very ambiguous. (Ankit Gupta)
Luck is your subconscious algorithms. (Ankit Gupta)
You can create luck. (Akshay Kothari)