An Enterprising Approach to Investment

Title: An Enterprising Approach to Investment
Date: 2013-02-13
Speaker: Cindy Padnos, Thomas J. Kosnik (Illuminate Ventures)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Every time there is a shift in technology there is a change in the business processes and a fundamental change in the way companies do business. (Cindy Padnos)
Lean startup doesn’t mean cheap. It means being capital efficient in the early years while you fine tune. (Cindy Padnos)
A quick no is better than a lingering maybe.Relationships matter a lot. (Cindy Padnos)
It is a lot easier to raise capital for a startup than it is for a venture capital fund. (Cindy Padnos)
A-quality people hire other A-quality people and B-quality people hire C-quality people. (Cindy Padnos)
A quick no is better than a lingering maybe. (Cindy Padnos)
Never do your first deal. (Cindy Padnos)
You never, ever, ever make an investment you’re rushing into for any reason. Ever. (Cindy Padnos)
Business buyers fundamentally demand choice. (Cindy Padnos)
If you are doing early stage investing you have to invest in what you know. (Cindy Padnos)
It is really hard to create and replicate what we have here in Silicon Valley. (Cindy Padnos)