White Space is Everywhere

Title: White Space is Everywhere
Date: 2013-01-30
Speaker: John Lilly (Greylock)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Everything is in play right now.You need to figure out the people you want to be on your team.
Find your tribe. Invest in the people that are in your tribe always.
Do what makes your soul sing.
People mostly don’t want change.
Being an entrepreneur is super hard.
It is important to do things that speak to you, feed your soul, and help you grow over time.
Growth is human and growth is key.
The job of a leader is to create other leaders.
Software needs architects just like buildings need architects.
You really tend to take the lessons from the first place you work through your whole career.
You learn more from successful companies than from failures.
Being a founder is a complex set of things.
You have to be successful enough that people see promise yet fragile enough that people think you need their help.
Nobody wants to join a thing where they don’t need you.
All venture capitalists do all day is try to find the best entrepreneurs they can and respond to as many entrepreneurs as they can.
Time is everything.
You need to understand the person you’re talking to. We all do things differently.
Anybody can be a great product person as long as you have the passion and the ability to follow up on the details of the product to make them great.
Everything is in play right now.
Almost every meeting you can learn something from.
The Internet is driving down costs to start.
Try hard to put yourself in situations that are hard.
Every VC responds best to the people they work with (in regards to pitches).