Path and Purpose of a First-TIme CEO

Title: Path and Purpose of a First-TIme CEO
Date: 2012-11-07
Speaker: Jess Lee, Peter Fenton (Polyvore)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
We spend a lot of time idolizing the people who have arrived and not enough time studying the people on their ascendancy to greatness. (Peter Fenton)
Take the more challenging path.There is a value chain in any industry. (Peter Fenton)
The CEO is the editor-in-chief. (Peter Fenton)
There are far fewer ways to succeed than there are to fail. (Peter Fenton)
Success is its own unique breed of an education. (Peter Fenton)
The transition to CEO is a big one. (Peter Fenton)
The role of a CEO shifts from building the product to building the team that builds the product. (Jess Lee)
There are two types of people that come to be CEO. Those that want to be CEO and those that earn the title. (Peter Fenton)
A common mistake that entrepreneurs make is to be too slow to have someone leave. (Jess Lee)
Personal taste is incredibly arbitrary. (Jess Lee)
Taste is always evolving. (Jess Lee)
The little human touches make a lot of difference. (Jess Lee)
A company of thirty people is radically different than a company of 150. (Peter Fenton)
Take the more challenging path. (Jess Lee)
It is so much better to do a few things well than many things poorly. (Jess Lee)
Identify the one thing that matters and make it as great as possible. (Jess Lee)
Don’t go it alone. (Jess Lee)
If you don’t have an idea you’re passionate about it is hard to get through the ups and downs. (Jess Lee)
The first step (of conflict resolution) is always to get people focused on the right goal. (Peter Fenton)
It is better to move in a direction than it is to not move at all. (Jess Lee)