Timing Matters

Title: Timing Matters
Date: 2012-10-17
Speaker: Geoff Yang (Redpoint Ventures)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Anybody who is not paranoid is going to end up getting eaten.Your time is arguably a more valuable resource than money.
Entrepreneurs are extraordinary.
Entrepreneurs really aren’t created. They’re compelled.
It is idea first. The idea compels the founder.
You have to have a passion for it.
Entrepreneurs have a driving passion to change the world.
One of the attributes of winning entrepreneurs is the ability to see patterns where others see chaos.
You have to have the ability to articulate (the vision).
You don’t want an entrepreneur who won’t solicit advice.
Anybody who is not paranoid is going to end up getting eaten.
Be able to recognize and support your own weaknesses.
By the time you get all of the information it is too late.
In an early stage company you don’t have the luxury of time.
Don’t linger on bad decisions.
Sweat the details.
Not all entrepreneurs are great leaders.
You have to be able to share responsibility and successes because if you can’t share responsibility and successes you can’t share failure.
You win as a team.
Never give up.
Personalization is really important.
The ability to create a market is very interesting.
In any given market the market leader has 50% market share.
Venture capital isn’t for everybody.
Once you start (with VC) there is no going back. It becomes a marriage.
“Customers are always right” is kind of true but not always. Customers don’t have any vision.
Entrepreneurs see order where others see chaos.
Customers are not always right.
When the board makes decisions it is time for a new CEO.
Never compromise on people.
Be flexible.
Think huge.
Don’t focus on dilution. Focus on outcome.
Learn from others who have gone before you.
Data is huge.
All great entrepreneurs have a product mentality.