Build Your Personal Charisma

Title: Build Your Personal Charisma
Date: 2012-10-10
Speaker: Olivia Fox Cabane (Author)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Charisma gets people to like you, trust you, and want to be led by you.
Charisma can make the world go round because it makes people want to do what you want them to do.
Never assume your immediate assumption is the valid one.Charisma is the result of specific behaviors.
Everybody can learn enough charisma to see a measurable difference in their daily lives.
Presence is the real core of charisma. It is the foundation on which all else is built.
Nothing ruins trust or charisma faster than appearing inauthentic.
Focus on your toes for a split second and then get back to the conversation.
Really focus on the colors in the eyes of the person you’re speaking with.
Together with presence, power and warmth combine to create charismatic magnetism.
We look for power in a person’s body language.
When you assume a more powerful posture you feel more powerful.
Shame is a real performance killer.
Our thoughts are not necessarily accurate at all. Just because a thought is in our head does not mean it has any validity whatsoever.
We have a limited capacity for conscious attention.
Warmth is how much somebody gives us the impression they like us.
Warmth tells us whether someone would be inclined to use whatever power they have in our favor.
We perceive warmth almost directly through body language and behavior.
You cannot fake warmth.
Our brain cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality.
Never assume your immediate assumption is the valid one.
Choose whatever version of reality that puts you in the most useful mental state.
Book: Difficult Conversations
Naming a dynamic often eases a dynamic and makes it less powerful.