Finding Your Way as an Entrepreneur

Title: Finding Your Way as an Entrepreneur
Date: 2012-05-30
Speaker: Drew Houston (Dropbox)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
With each milestone the goalposts move back.Even if you know where you’re going now things are going to get gnarly down the road.
You’re an average of your five closest friends so it can be beneficial if your closest friends are also interested in startups.
The most important decision you can make is who your co-founder is.
You don’t become a great salesperson from reading a book.
Reading a book gives you the basics of a given discipline.
With each milestone the goalposts move back.
It all happens one day at a time.
People underestimate the importance of distribution.
Book: Guerrilla Marketing
Book: Crossing the Chasm
Any technology or service has early adopters.
Understand your early customers.
If no one is searching for what you’re making then you have a problem.
It all starts with a great product.
You always overestimate the competition.
Hire the very best people.
Focus is really powerful.
Figure out problems that people don’t even know they have and solve them.
Keep your users happy.
People have different proclivities for paying for things or not.
10% more friction might cut your audience in half.
A co-founder first and foremost should be somebody where you respect their judgement.
A good engineer can generally recognize another good engineer.